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Hello, We're CCI.
We create customer experiences.

We've created a line of products, services and games that allow users to succeed in the digital world - at little to no cost! We're the proud creators of Tixte, UseChatter, SchoolChat, and more.

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Always easy. Advanced only when it needs to be.

When it comes to ease of use, our products are #1. Everything we make is designed with the idea of it being clean, simple to use, and yet still advanced for those users who need more.

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We give the best first impressions.

Our products are designed from the ground up to be pleasing to look at, modern and simple. To us, looks are everything when your taking about softwear - a messy, complex and unstyled product is exactly what we strive to NOT be like!

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Leave it to the professionals.

With years of experience, our team has grown strong in the web development field. Our products are always high-quality, affordable (if not free!) and good-looking.


We make products

We make a variety of items ranging from School Chat, an educational posting platform, to Tixte, an all-in-one gaming platform. No matter what your interests are, we've got something for everyone!

Long-lasting products

TONS of products to choose from - many more coming soon

Constant updates and patches

Everything is built with security as the #1 priority

Intergrate our products with many other modern products


Introducing your all-new
CCI Account!

We've built well over a dozen Bootstrap themes and sold tens of thousands of copies.

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Nothing gets left behind.

If you had a previous CCI account, all your login information, payments and rewards have been transfered over to your new account experience with NO DOWNTIME!

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Redesigned for the better.

Our development team has scraped the old ways of design and have completely rethough the entire account experience. Your account will now include new features such as Service Ratings, account management for all our many services you may be signed up for, rewards, theming, badges and SO MUCH MORE!


The goals of our founders

We've always been a small company striving to accomplish that of large corperation, why not?

“We strive to make gaming a fun experience for everyone, even those who do it for fun. We understand that some want to play, although not competitively.”


“Our goal is to make an impact on the simplicity of web services. We aim to make web services easier and available to a wider range of people.”


We've got years of

You've got more important things to do. Stop your search for cost-effective, simple but still advanced products - we've got everything you need right here. Plus, everything we make is free forever!


Products to-date

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Team Support


User Satisfaction

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