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Stop overthinking email. With glancemail, you can check your email without typing a word or even leaving your tab. No more interruptions.

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Preview emails

See all your latest emails in a short, easy-to-read format with an effortless navigation system.

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Reply instantly

Reply on the spot in seconds with a simple type-and-submit experience!

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CC/BCC in the momment

With our new InstaPush you can push a copy of any email to any of your contacts (or outside email addresses) with no delay.

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No more disruptions

Its the future of email.

We've reamagined how you see emails. No longer do you have to be constantly switching tabs, visiting and checking gmail or disturbing your video to write a reply. With GlanceMail, all it takes is the click of the extention and you can see all your emails - with no disruption from your current internet activity.

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No Cost. No Advanced Steps. Its all 0.


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Advanced Setup Steps

A breezy setup

Installing it is as simple as 1-2-3!

Setup is simple and explained below. Anyone can setup GlanceMail even with no technical skills. All you need is an electronic device running chrome, and a way to click an extention!

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Authenticate via google

First, and most important, you'll need to grant the necessary premissions to let us simplify your emailing tasks.

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Set your preferences

Now that you've authenticated, you can set your preferences on how you want your emails to show up, what inboxes to show, and how you can reply to emails.

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Click the extention!

Your done! Just click the extention often to see what new emails you received, while not disrupting what you're currently doing.

* for help with setup, contact support@cci.services and use the subject line GlanceMail Setup Support

We've got all you need right here

You'll never want to switch back

The first of its kind complete and free solution to solve the problems of email.

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