CCI At-Home Product Drop.

Finally, it's time. Take a look at what we've got in store...

Not One.
Or Two.
But Three.

Yes, you heard that right. We're introducing our three latest products, why don't you have a look...

Flaticon 3

Introducing TimeTabber.

Say goodbye to the default Chrome New Tab. We've provided the best all-in-one solution that you've deserved from the start. For free.

Simple, Yet Effective Features

Watch the TimeTabber Video:

4 Customizable
Tab Backgrounds.

TimeTabber Image Mode:

TimeTabber Dark Mode:

          TimeTabber Light Mode:          

TimeTabber Rainbow Mode:

Add Widgets For Your
Favorite Services.

Out of the box, TimeTabber comes with the ability to integrate the following services: GlanceNote, Discord, Twitter, Youtube (soon), Github (soon) and more coming in the future!

Ready to give TimeTabber a try? (It's free!)

Get GlanceMail at the Chrome Web Store

Or continue scrolling to learn about product #2!

Let's Give a Warm Welcome to...

CCI Comments!

“ We're bringing you the easiest solution to engaging your audience. Users deserve a safe, simple and engaging enviorment to share their thoughts.
That's where CCI Comments comes in. We provide you with a widget that packs in all the features you expect, and a few extras too. Plus, get all this at no extra cost for you or your website!

Let's Dive Into a Demo of the Widget:

(Hover over any element to learn more about it)

Moderation and security is built in at the core.

No Moderation --VS-- CCI Comments Moderation

(Adult language blurred for your viewing pleasure)

Still need more convincing?
Alrighty then...

Stockholm-icons / General / Settings-1 Created with Sketch.

First of its Kind, Completely Free Comment Widget

Our comment widget is and always will be free. We all know widgets that you have to pay for in order to use key features of the product. We're changing that. Get the full suite of features for no cost.

Stockholm-icons / Layout / Layout-arrange Created with Sketch.

Simple, Yet Powerful Customization Tool

A simple easy to use interface that allows you to change comment colors, styles and more. Advanced customization also available for developers.

Stockholm-icons / Code / Code Created with Sketch.

No Coding Required.

Simply paste 3 pre-written lines of code into your website and have working comments instantly. Developers can use code for advanced auth features, moderation rules, and custom CSS styling.

we've got advance features.
For those who need more.




  • One-step installation
  • Code-Free Styling
  • A Clean, Minimalist Widget



  • Advanced CSS styling
  • Preformance-optimized
  • Custom features


So That's CCI Comments.
Claim Your Widget Today.
It's Free Forever.

Or, keep scrolling to learn about product #3!

Time for the final product,


Introducing the easiest way to take notes. Instantly. Just from the click of an extention.

What is that? You might be asking. Well...


So simple, yet so powerful.

Advanced toolbar for anything you could need.

Wait, did I save my note? Nope. Because it saves automatically.

Custom colors. For unlimited possibilities.

Revise your notes. And format with ease.

Time for the final product,

That's The Power of

Install today. It's free. Like, completely free.

Get GlanceMail at the Chrome Web Store

So, that was the CCI At-Home Product Drop.

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