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CCI is a side-run, self-employed, startup company. We're a one-man-show run by CCI Founder & C.E.O, Cole McCarson. Since day one, we've strived to create the best experiences on the web, accessible to a wider audience. We work alongside our partners and allies including MicMacro and Rasepix. Together, we've created products such as SchoolChat, Tixte and UseChatter.

We strive to make our products .

Every extra second available is spent improving, fixing and building onto products - while creating new ones too! While some of our products may seem to receive inconsistant updates, we ask that you understand the effort putforth. Rest-assured, updates and new services DO arrive. TO put it in perspective, simple beta releases for our various products can take between 5 - 400 HOURS of work.





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Hours of work put in (PER PRODUCT!)


About the Founder & C.E.O,
Cole McCarson.

He started CCI a few years ago as a simple business, with only one service. Today, CCI is the parent to 9+ rapidly growing products, services and games. While CCI has grown bigger, it is still owned, run, and managed by Cole. Some of his main skills include front-end development and design.

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Some of our best services
We're proud of creating.


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